Bindery Services

Quality finishing on print products

Booklets being made

Bindery Services in a Nutshell

Bindery services encompasses a large array of services. Basically, bindery is the final step of completing your print projects. This ranges from cutting a business to card to the final size to folding a tri-fold brochure. The quality of printing is important, but without bindery your project is incomplete. Like all of our work, we take pride and do it right the first time. Nearly all services are completed in-house to ensure quality.

Standard Bindery Services

Nearly every print project goes through a bindery process, most commonly cutting. We typically print designs multiple-up on a sheet of paper to minimize waste and keep your costs low. The second most common bindery service is folding. Folding a piece of paper turns a flyer into a brochure. More importantly, a good fold transforms your piece into a quality advertisement you can be proud of. You can trust us to make you look good.

Book Finishing

Different binding options keep your book in one piece. Coil binding is most common. This plastic coil comes in a variety of colors and sizes, which makes it great for books of all sizes. 

Saddle stitching is popular for booklets. Two staples in the center of the book hold the pages together. We even have square edging available!

Tape binding has a square edge and is most similar to standard book binding. A special tape with glue holds the pages together. Great for conferences!

3-hole drilling is commonly used when you have a large amount of material intended to be inside a 3-ring binder. This is perfect when you want the ability to change pages around or add and subtract sections. 

Elegant and Unique Bindery Services

Elevate your next project with high end finishing. Foil stamping, embossing or debossing, and die cutting will take your project to the next level. The unique appearance of a special shape makes your business stand out from your competitors. A shiny foil cannot be replicated with ink, not even metallic ink, and it gives your presentation a unique appearance. 

Additional Bindery Services

Consecutive Numbering – great for invoices and estimates

Perforating – this tear off stub is needed for your raffle tickets

Scoring – folding cardstock is a breeze after scoring

Wrap Around Books – perfect for on the go forms, like haul tickets and maintenance receipts

UV Coating – some extra gloss to grab attention

Carbonless forms – multipart forms stay together so writing lines up

Notepads – get your name on every piece of paper so clients know who you are